Pop-Up Kombi

The Pop-Up Kombi is one of a kind. Quite simply there is no other Kombi like it anywhere.

Indoors or out. Grass or red carpet.
The Pop-Up Kombi is a truly unique event feature, which is perfect for weddings and private functions.


With their unique offering in the highly competitive event space Pop-Up Kombi really wanted to stand-out.

Pop-Up Kombi wanted a website that tells their story visually, but also a site that converts customers through SEO best practices and a clean and ‘easy to navigate’ design.


The event space is filled with brands that use stock imagery, less than professional custom imagery, unclear Calls-To-Action’s, confusing brand elements and hard to navigate websites. 

We felt that a simple colour palette, lots of white space, bold font choices that integrate with the beautiful imagery and video provided, along with an Instagram feed on all pages would best tell the brand story.

For conversion purposes, we also included a really clear Call-To-Action available in the header section of all pages in the form of a pop-up form connected to a ‘REQUEST A QUOTE’ button.


Pop-Up Kombi was launched in early 2021.

The business is now well on its way to being a leading influencer in the events space and recognised as a truly unique event option with upcoming bookings for events at Volks Wagon Brighton, Natio and Smith Brothers Media just to name a few.

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